Science Students Learn to Use Social Media to Communicate Research

Looking  for an example for the Information Literacy frames Authority is Constructed and Contextual, Scholarship as Conversation, as well as Information has Value?

A July  18, 2016 article in the Chronicle of Higher Education (Science Students Learn to Use Social Media to Communicate Research ) relates how students at Caltech are using social media to promote their research.

Please note: Through the Benedictine Library Constellation Digital Repository, we are also able to collect, store, preserve and provide open access to scholarly content created by Benedictine University students, faculty and staff in all disciplines.  Please contact me for more information.

Here is some further information on this project from one of the Caltech librarians:

Hello from the Caltech Library!

It is exciting to see broad interest in the Caltech course on science and social media, particularly within the context of information literacy.  As it turns out, the Library was directly consulted as this course was being developed; Ace Science Librarian George Porter worked with the faculty on the planning; and our Research Services team facilitated the acquisition of Plum Analytics for our Caltech Authors repository so that students in the course would have data on the impact of social media coverage on making Caltech articles available open access.

This use case does indeed demonstrate the importance of library engagement in curriculum development and planning.  Perhaps just as importantly, it demonstrates the impact that excellent subject liaison work has in connecting dots between research, learning, and library collections and services in holistic fashion.

Best wishes,

Gail P. Clement  | Head of Research Services  | Caltech Library




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