The Value of Academic Libraries

The Value of Academic Libraries Statement   (approved by ACRL  on June 25, 2016) articulates the various ways academic libraries provide direct and indirect value to institutions of higher education by highlighting the essential role that academic libraries play as “one of the few units in a modern institution of higher education that can provide an impact on all realms of institutional importance, from student enrollment to faculty productivity to institutional reputation, while balancing services and resources for all constituency groups and stakeholders in higher education.”

The statement consists of an executive summary, followed by longer talking points that illustrate how academic libraries provide critical direct and indirect value to institutions of higher education in the following areas:

  1. support recruitment, retention and matriculation,
  2. enhance student learning,
  3. support faculty research and teaching, and
  4. raise institutional visibility and contribute to the community.

Customizable posters to help us share this message with our students are available here: VAL-poster-template



Information Literacy and Art Education

Adapting the Framework for Information Literacy to Studio Art Classes

Trust Los Angeles artist Pae White in her studio

This article reports on a NIU collaboration in an advanced studio art class in photography between a member of the art faculty and the librarian art subject specialist. The collaboration focused on teaching students the role of research in art production, where the Framework’s information literacy concepts served as useful and generative metaphors for different elements of the creative process.

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