23 Framework Things

23 Framework ThingsFrom the University of Minnesota,  Duluth 23 Framework Things is a free, self-paced, online professional development opportunity that offers readings, activities, & opportunities to connect with colleagues  about the Framework. Complete as many of the things as you choose, in any order, and win prizes! Here are a few of the “Things” that might be especially helpful:

  • Frame Focus Things: Browse lesson plans & activities on each frame and brainstorm ideas for your own lessons & activities with colleagues
  • Thing #4: Assessment Overview: We all have high hopes about incorporating more assessment into our instruction. This is your year!! In this thing, we ask ourselves, “What would Megan Oakleaf do (with the Framework)?” and explore intentional & achievable ways to assess using the Framework
  • Thing #13: Understanding by Design: Got a few upcoming instruction session/courses? Learn more about the Understanding by Design backward design process and plan your lessons in a way that support student understanding & transfer of knowledge
  • Thing #3: Environmental Scan: Still figuring out how to “frame” the Framework at your institution? Get ideas & inspiration from colleagues and reflect on ways to engage with and embed elements of the Framework into your institution’s curriculum.

So, if you’re looking for ways to engage with the new ACRL IL Framework, check out 23 Framework Things!