“Information Literacy in the Age of Algorithms”

 "Information Literacy in the Age of Algorithms"














To mark the 10th anniversary of Project Information Literacy,  PIL has released a special research report about the future of information literacy among college students in today’s fast-moving information environment.

The report examines college students’ awareness of and concerns about how algorithms are shaping the news and information they receive
from internet giants, such as Google, Amazon, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.  It reveals that students are skeptical of and unnerved by tools that track their digital travels and serve them personalized content like advertisements and social media posts.

Students feel like they’ve largely been left to navigate the internet’s murky waters alone, without adequate guidance from teachers and professors,  relying largely on their peers, or their own judgement, to learn about how algorithms affect information.

The report includes ideas to support faculty in teaching algorithm literacy in their classrooms.  

Additional information and links to resources are posted in the Benedictine Library’s Information Literacy: Teaching and Learning Guide.

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