Communications in Information Literacy: New Issue

Connunications in Information Literacy

Hot off the press!  A new issue of Communications in Information Literacy has just been released.   Articles include:

  • Navigating Roadblocks: First-Year Writing Challenges through the Lens of the ACRL Framework
  • Meeting Students Where They Are: Using Rubric-based Assessment to Modify an Information Literacy Curriculum
  • Everything Online is a Website: Information Format Confusion in Student Citation Behaviors
  • Engendering Social Justice in First Year Information Literacy Classes


Information Literacy and Art Education

Adapting the Framework for Information Literacy to Studio Art Classes

Trust Los Angeles artist Pae White in her studio

This article reports on a NIU collaboration in an advanced studio art class in photography between a member of the art faculty and the librarian art subject specialist. The collaboration focused on teaching students the role of research in art production, where the Framework’s information literacy concepts served as useful and generative metaphors for different elements of the creative process.

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Science Students Learn to Use Social Media to Communicate Research

Looking  for an example for the Information Literacy frames Authority is Constructed and Contextual, Scholarship as Conversation, as well as Information has Value?

A July  18, 2016 article in the Chronicle of Higher Education (Science Students Learn to Use Social Media to Communicate Research ) relates how students at Caltech are using social media to promote their research.

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Here is some further information on this project from one of the Caltech librarians: Continue reading

Threshold Concepts for Professional Students Learning to Be Researchers

New article on threshold concepts for researchers in veterinary medicine:

Kristine Alpi & Chad Hoggan (2016): Recognizing the Value of Threshold Concepts: Application of a Conceptual Tool to Professional Students Learning to Be Researchers, The Reference Librarian, 57(2):114-130. DOI: 10.1080/02763877.2016.1121070

Available via the NC State Scholarly Publications Repository as a post-print :

THE REFERENCE LIBRARIAN is available online at:


LIRT Top Twenty for 2015

The annual issue of the Library Instruction Round Table featuring the previous year’s top library instruction/information literacy articles has just been published.  Here  is their TOP 20  list: