The Purdue OWL

Are you aware of the recent, disconcerting changes to the Purdue OWL?

Professors at Purdue University are criticizing a new partnership between the university’s Online Writing Lab and student services company Chegg.

At a recent meeting of the University Senate, faculty members questioned why Purdue’s OWL, a respected and influential resource on writing instruction, would partner with a company that has a reputation for helping students to cheat on their homework.

Ralph Kaufmann, a professor of mathematics who attended the meeting, said several professors were surprised and angered by the partnership with Chegg. Some professors said they had found answers to their old exam papers on the site and accused Chegg of copyright infringement, said Kaufmann.   Continue reading …

More thoughts on this issue.

In light of these developments, Benedictine librarians are considering removing links to the OWL in our library tutorials and Research Guides. (Link to the Benedictine Library Citation Guide.)

What are your thoughts on this?  What do you suggest?